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Mendham Heating RepairsThe weather in Mendham and around New Jersey can be extreme. Whether it’s the blistering summer months or sub-zero winters, when tough weather hits it’s vital that you have a dependable heating & cooling system that keeps your family safe and comfortable year round.

This is why both and home and business owners in Mendham, NJ depend on Ideal Air Inc. for all their heating & cooling needs. Our Mendham Heating Repair contractor offers a full line of products and services that include heating & air installation, repair, preventative maintenance and emergency repair on all products ranging from standard HVAC systems to furnaces, boilers and heat pumps and other systems.

Superior HVAC Products & Service

With over 30 years of professional industry experience in HVAC installation and repair, we have developed a solid reputation as Mendham’s most respected heating & cooling company. Our entire staff is made of certified, licensed & knowledgeable technicians who can tackle any HVAC implementation or restoration.

Our team of specialists gets the job done right the first time every time. Our Mendham Heating Repair contractor takes great care and precision with every installation or repair job that we undertake. Whether it’s your family in your New Jersey Home or the staff and customers in your business, it is essential to provide comfort and safety to everyone in your building.

Residential & Commercial Heating & Cooling Installation

Whether it’s your Mendham home or office, we install all types of furnaces, HVAC, boilers or any other heating & cooling system for your residential or commercial interior. Our Mendham Heating Repair contractor has an easy step by step process which makes it simple for you to implement any product. This guarantees your satisfaction and makes your experience with us a positive one.

We visit your residence or business, diagnose your entire system and then evaluate your needs. Our Mendham Heating Repair contractor provides an honest and accurate estimate that includes everything you need to know in order for us to properly install your new unit. Our installation is efficient and we provide the highest level of customer service. We work hard to install a complete heating & cooling system that will last you for years to come.

Our Clean Air Services

At Ideal Air Inc., we do more than just air conditioning. We offer a comprehensive list of clean air products and services that are designed to purify any room or your entire home or office. Some of our air cleaning services and products include

  • Air Cleaners – We carry top of the line quality air cleaners that purify the air in your room.
  • Humidifiers – During the wintertime the air is dry in the Mendham area. Humidifiers offer the right level of moisture back into your room.
  • Air Duct Cleaning – We do a thorough inspection of your air ducts from the AC Unit to the air vents and check for needed repairs and cleaning.

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