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    If you need a heating system that is running at top performance throughout every season, then it is vital to have your heater regularly inspected. With over 3 decades of professional maintenance experience, our Heating Tune Up Contractor in Morris County offers a heating tune-up that helps your AC Unit run efficiently and at maximum performance. Our Heating Tune Up Contractor in Morris County provides a fully comprehensive tune up plan that includes all elements of your system.

    • Inspect the Thermostat – Since the thermostat controls the entire system, we start there. This insures that the temperatures are accurate, and keeps your system from needlessly running without breaks.
    • Tighten Connections – All pipes, tubes and check for leaks. A leaky connection causes your system to run inefficiently.
    • Lubricate Moving Parts – Parts that run without the proper lubrication cause part friction and increase amount of energy your system requires. The parts wear down far more quickly.
    • Inspect Condensation Hose – A clogged drain or hose keeps your system dirty and also effect humidity levels in your home.
    • System Controls – This keeps your system running properly and safely. Check the starting cycle of the parts to make sure the system starts, functions, and quits properly.
    • Clean System Coils. Dirty coils impede the system’s ability to cool or heat your home and office. This causes the heater to run at longer intervals, which raises your energy costs and reduces the life of all the parts in your unit.
    • Refrigerant Level Inspection – Too much or too little refrigerant makes the system run less efficient increasing your utility bill and decreasing the heater’s life.
    • Clean & Adjust Blower Components – For proper system airflow & greater comfort levels.

    Preventative Maintenance Plan

    Heating Tune Up Contractor in Morris CountyOnce your new heating system is repaired or newly installed, it is vital to provide it with routine maintenance. An AC unit that is taken care of can last for several years. This is why our Morris and Bergen County Heating Contractors offers our annual and seasonal Preventative Service Plan. Our Heating Tune Up Contractor in Morris County goal is more than just providing you with exceptional heating systems. We want to continue regular service and keep your home or office heater running in peak performance throughout every season.

    With our service plan we can schedule exact times throughout the year to visit your home or business and do a thorough inspection of your entire system in order to make sure that it’s running in properly. We will check each part, make assessment, and then give you a fair and honest estimate of everything that needs to be done, to bring your system back to operating like new. This is will save you the worry of wondering if your system will give out during the hottest or coldest months of the year.

    A properly running heating system runs efficiently and saves you hundreds of dollars in high utility bills every year. A well maintained heater costs less than expensive repairs which can add up to tremendous savings.

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