your Heat Pump Repair Contractor in Morris County

    Heat Pump Repair Contractor in Morris CountyHome and business owners in Morris and Bergen County rely on the professionals at Ideal Air Inc. for all residential or commercial heat pump repair and replacement jobs. Our Morris and Bergen County Heating Contractors will assess your heat pump to determine what problems need to be resolved. We will then provide you with an honest and fair estimate of what needs to be done and how much it will cost before any work is started. Then we get to work to repair your heat pump and get cool or warm air flowing throughout your home once again.

    Complete Professional Repair Service

    Our Heat Pump Repair Contractor in Morris County offers comprehensive heat pump repair service on any brand of heat pump system, no matter where you purchased it. You can feel confident that our experienced Heat Pump Repair Contractor in Morris County will perform every job right the first time, which saves you time and money. Ideal Air Inc. is your total source for heat pump repair and maintenance. From inspection and repair to full system replacement we can handle all heat pump issues for both residential and commercial properties. Why go anywhere else when you experience the heating & air professionals in Morris and Bergen County.

    How Your Heat Pump Works

    Unlike conventional furnaces and AC units, heat pumps do not actually create heat. Instead, they distribute already produced warm air throughout every room in your home or office. In the cold months, heat is transferred inside the house and, in the hot months of summer, heat is pushed outdoors. The result is an energy saving system unlike any other.

    Just how resourceful your heat pump is operating can be easily measured using one of 2 methods:

    • HSPF – (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). The HSPF measurement calculates how efficiently the heat pump is actually working. Higher numbers equal better efficiency and money savings. Lower numbers may indicate that an inspection and subsequent maintenance are required.
    • SEER – (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). SEER is a unit of the cooling efficiency of the heat pump and relates to central air conditioning measurements. The higher the SEER, the more energy efficient the heat pump is. If the number is lower, you’ll generally notice it in a higher energy bill.


    Heat Pump Preventative Maintenance

    With regularly schedule preventative maintenance, you can lengthen performance of your heat pump and help keep running smoothly year after year. A meeting with a Ideal Air Inc. technician can help you target specific parts of your pump where maintenance is essential so that your system will continue to stay in excellent condition. Contact us today to find out more about our maintenance service plan. Our Heat Pump Repair Contractor in Morris County can keep your heat pump running at peak performance all year long.

    All of our highly trained, Heat Pump Repair Contractors in Morris County are certified and bonded HVAC experts who will quickly identify any problem, give you an accurate and honest estimate, and happily answer any questions you have. We have built a solid reputation in Eastern New Jersey as an industry leader among homes and businesses in Morris and Bergen County

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