AC Preventative Maintenance Plans in Morris County

AC Preventative Maintenance Plans in Morris CountyA dependable air conditioner keeps everyone inside your home or office comfortable and safe during the hot New Jersey summers. Whether you are a home or business owner, your unit’s ability to function all day every day is essential. The number one reason air conditioners break down is due to lack of maintenance. A system that has not been checked or given regular maintenance will eventually wear down or run inefficiently and you’ll end up spending more in repairs or high energy bills every month.

The Benefits of AC Preventative Maintenance Plans in Morris County

We provide AC Preventative Maintenance Plans in Morris County that keeps your system running consistently smooth all throughout the year, especially during the hottest and coldest months of the year when your family or staff relies on it most. Instead of waiting until a system failure occurs, we prevent potential problems before they ever happen. With our maintenance service we’ll set up routine appointments to come to your home or business throughout the year in order to carry out a full inspection on your entire system.

Experience Tremendous Savings with Preventative Maintenance

The difference between how much you’ll invest in preventative maintenance for your air conditioner and how much major repairs will cost you is significant. Preventative maintenance is inexpensive, because it requires less work and takes care of your heater’s parts before they cause you serious headache. This gives your entire system durability with little to no problems along the way.

Full AC Preventative Maintenance Plans in Morris County

With our AC Preventative Maintenance Plans in Morris County you don’t have to hire more than one company to come service different components of your heater. We cover all components of your heating system. Our service is affordable, simple, and fast. With just one visit, our experienced Morris and Bergen County Heating Contractors will visit your home, evaluate all areas that need to be taken care of, give your system a tune-up, and then be on our way. The areas we service include

  • Refill all low coolant
  • Thermostat and Control calibration and adjustment.
  • Tighten all wiring, connections, capacitors and relays
  • Clean the coil for better air passage
  • Clean all blocked drains.
  • Inspect and clean the condenser
  • Clean all fans, motors, and motor blades
  • Full lubrication of all needed parts
  • Check all filters and vents
  • Full air duct cleaning and repair

The Ideal Air Inc. Advantage

Over the last 30 years Ideal Air Inc. has developed a solid reputation across East New Jersey as being a knowledgeable, hard-working, and successful heating & air company. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of client service and offering only industry standard products that help your system to run smoothly for years to come.

The #1 objective of our preventative maintenance program is to save you money and avoid any possible future system break downs. With that in mind, we guarantee your satisfaction with our company, our service, and our products. Contact us today to find out more about how you can benefit from regular tune-ups and system maintenance.

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